Avales y estudios científicos

Tanto el laboratorio como los productos que en él se pro­cesan, responden a los más altos estándares industriales y a los mayores niveles de calidad y exigencia de la práctica farmacéutica.
Reputadas universidades de farmacia y de medicina, así como prestigiosos centros de investigación espe­cializados en diferentes disciplinas: fisioterapia, deporte, dopaje, etcétera, colaboran en la investigación continuada de nuestros productos.
Nuestros productos tienen:

  • Certificados de registro de sanidad de Rusia
  • Analítica anual de un laboratorio independiente de Rusia
  • Registro de Ministerio de Sanidad pública de España
  • Códigos Nacionales de Farmacia C.N.F.(España)




De la exposición internacional “Producción ecológica y pura”, Alimentación sana, la ecología de la vida cotidiana y del medio ambiente

Se otorga al:

Frolov N. A., empresario, El ganador del concurso “Productos seguros y ecológicos”

21 de diciembre de 2001 en Moscú
Firma: El Presidente del Comité de organización 

Sello: Fundación Internacional Ecológica



“Los propiedades farmacológicos de Gemafemin” Tomsk, 2004. N.I.Suslov Doctor en Medicina. Director del Laboratorio de Psicofarmacología de la Univercidad de Investigaciones Científicas de Farmacología de Tomsk, afiliada al Centro Científico de Tomsk de la Universidad Estatal de Ciencias Médicas

Abstrakt:  Las pruebas clínicas realizadas desde el año 1996 hasta el 2002 demostraron que :
la actividad terapéutica del producto está basada en su capacidad para aumentar la producción de estrógenos -hormona sexual femenina- reactivando las funciones de los propios órganos secretores. Es muy importante destacar que este efecto se consigue manteniendo la dinámica natural y fisiológica de la síntesis y secreción hormonal propia. Sin embargo, para el correcto funcionamiento del ciclo sexual femenino, no sólo es importante que el nivel de hormonas sexuales secretadas sea el adecuado sino que, además, los períodos rítmicos y cíclicos de su síntesis e inhibición deben estar conservados.

Con respecto al ciclo reproductivo femenino, los principales efectos atribuidos a  Gemafemin son:

  1. Reducir la intensidad y la frecuencia de los trastornos de origen climatérico normalizando las funciones del sistema nervioso vegetativo
  2. Mejorar el estado del tejido óseo
  3. Retraso en el crecimiento y en el desarrollo sexual,
  4. Procesos inflamatorios crónicos de los órganos sexuales
  5. Favorecer las condiciones para un posible embarazo

Antioxidant, Anti-acetylcholinesterase and Composition of Biochemical Components of Russian Deer Velvet Antler Extracts Author(s): Je, JY (Je, Jae-Young)1Park, PJ (Park, Pyo-Jam)2Lim, DH (Lim, Dong Hwan)3Jeon, BT(Jeon, Byong-Tae)4Kho, KH (Kho, Kang Hee)5Ahn, CB (Ahn, Chang-Bum)1 Source: KOREAN JOURNAL FOR FOOD SCIENCE OF ANIMAL RESOURCES  Volume: 31   Issue: 3   Pages: 349-355
Published: JUN 2011 Times Cited: 0 (from Web of Science) Cited References: 24 [ view related records ]     Citation Map  

Abstract: Russian deer velvet antlers were divided into three parts and subjected to a extraction process using hot water at 100, 110, and 120 degrees C or an extraction with 70% ethanol. Each extract was analyzed for its biochemical components, including uronic acid, sulfated-glycosaininoglycans (sulfated-GAGs), and sialic acid, and the antioxidant and anti-acetylcholinesterase activities were investigated. Different levels of uronic acid and sulfated-GAGs were observed in the extracts according to the water temperature used for the extraction, and contents decreased with increasing extraction temperature. The upper layer of each extract showed high amounts of uronic acid and sulfated-GAGs, followed by the middle and base layers. Ethanol extraction was more effective for recovering uronic acid than sulfated-GAGs. Sialic acid content was the highest in the 110 degrees C extracts but was not observed in the ethanol extracts.
Velvet antler extracts showed strong antioxidant activities against DPPH and hydrogen peroxide as well as strong reducing power in a dose-dependent manner. However, the antioxidant activities were different in each layer and according to the extraction method. Additionally, velvet antler extracts exhibited inhibitory activity against acetylcholinesterase, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, in a dose-dependent manner. These results suggest that velvet antler extracts are useful as a functional food ingredient and/or a pharmaceutical.

Cognitive, sensory, and emotional changes associated with the menstrual cycle: a review. Farage MAOsborn TWMacLean ABArch Gynecol Obstet. 2008 Oct;278(4):299-307. Epub 2008 Jul 1.
Source: The Procter & Gamble Company, Winton Hill Business Center, 6110 Center Hill Road, Box 136, Cincinnati, OH 45224, USA. farage.m@pg.com

Abstract:  The hormones progesterone and estrogen and, more precisely, their sophisticated interdependent fluctuations over the course of the female human lifespan, have long been known to play a dominant role in the physiological development and homeostasis of the human female. What is only recently coming to light, however, is that the fluctuation of these two hormones also plays a crucial role in neurological and psychological development and function which impacts brain function, cognition, emotional status, sensory processing, appetite, and more. The ability of reproductive hormones to impact psychoneurological processes involves the interplay of several body systems, lending credibility to the view of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as a disorder founded in real biochemical disturbances. The effects of the menstrual cycle on cognitive, emotional, and sensory function in the female of childbearing age are reviewed. In addition, recent evidence is discussed which confirms the biological basis of PMS as a real disorder of primarily autoimmune origin.

Deer antler innervations and regeneration.
Manuel Nieto-Diaz 1, Daniel Wolfgang Pita-Thomas 2, Teresa Munoz-Galdeano 1, Cayetana Martinez-Maza 3, Rosa Navarro-Ruiz 1, David Reigada 1, Monica Yuta 1, Marcos Javier Caballero-Lopez 1, Manuel Nieto-Sampedro 4,Rodrigo Martinez-Maza 1.
1 Molecular Neuroprotection Group, Hospital Nacional de Paraplejicos (SESCAM), Finca la Peraleda s/n, 45071 Toledo (Spian), 2 Bascpm Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL 33136 (USA), 3 Museo Nacional de Neurobiología (CSIC),  Avda. Doctor Arce 37, 28002 Madrid, Spain.

Abstract: Nervous system injuries are a major cause of impairment in the human society. Up to now, clinical approaches have failed to adequately restore function following nervous system damage. The regenerative cycle of deer antlers may provide basic information on mechanisms underlying nervous system regeneration. The present contribution reviews the actual knowledge on the antler innervations and the factors responsible for its regeneration and fast growth.
Growing antlers are profusely innervated by sensory fibers from the trigeminal nerve, which regenerate every year reaching elongation rates up to 2 cm a day. Antler nerves grow through the velvet in close association to blood vessels. This environment is rich in growth promoting molecules capable of inducing and guiding neurite outgrowth of rat sensory neurons in vitro.
Conversely, endocrine regulation failed to show effects on neurite outgrowth in vitro, in spite of including hormones of known promoting effects on axon growth. Additional studies are needed to analyze unexplored factors promoting on growth in antler such as electric potentials or mechanical stretch, as well as on the survival of antler innervating neurons.

Science Substantiates New Hope for Arthritis Suffers
Source: North American Elk Breeders Association

Abstract: Velvet Antler- For more than 2000 years, a remarkable natural remedy called velvet antler has been prized by healers in various cultures around the world.
In China, Korea, Japan and Russia, velvet antler has reportedly been used to prevent, heal and relieve ailments and injuries. Today, a vast body of research conducted in those countries is now revealing an impressive array of reported abilities of velvet antler to reduce inflammation, influence body metabolism, support immune function, protect damaged tissues and affect blood, liver and kidney function and more. In fact, laboratory analyses now show that velvet contains an amazingly comprehensive nutritional profile including collagen, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, trace minerals, and other functional proteins, all vital components for human metabolic function.
Remarkably, velvet has gone virtually unnoticed by western nutritional supplement marketers until now.
Osteo-arthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. Many factors can initiate osteo-arthritis, including injury to cartilage, as well as the aging process with or without injury. Osteo-arthritis occurs when the cartilage, which acts as a cushioning shock absorber between the bones in the joints of hands, hips, knees or back, begins to break down, leading to significant pain and disability.
Recently, the ability for deer velvet to «support and restore joint structure and function» (as a result of osteo-arthritis) was substantiated by scientific evidence in compliance with FDA regulations. This means that validated scientific studies from around the world prove that velvet antler is a significant anti-inflammatory agent for the symptoms of osteo-arthritis and possibly other types of acute chronic inflammation as well.

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